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Become A Ride Leader

A great ride leader begins with a simple statement: “being a ride leader is not about you!”
The best ride leaders make certain that everyone who attends their ride has a safe and enjoyable experience. Ride Leaders are the heart and soul of our program and keep our calendar filled with amazing rides. If you have an idea for a new route, are interested in helping others ride, or don't see your favorite rides listed, consider joining our team. 

  • Obtain the Cue Sheet/route from the Ride Coordinator.

  • Check the route prior to the ride (optional or use Google Street View).

  • Be sure that all riders have signed the Release/Sign-up sheet(s).

    • Parents MUST sign a Minor Release for children.

  • Make a count of the number of riders and make sure they have a cue sheet/map for the ride.

  • Do not try to speed up to accommodate faster riders.

  • Check on stragglers, by stopping your ride at a convenient location and re-group.

  • You must bring back, or be able to account for, all riders.

  Cue Sheets

Contact the Ride Coordinator for a cue sheet if you volunteer to lead a ride.

Ride Leader Forms 
  • The following is a list of forms required to have on hand by the ride leader. All the forms are in PDF format.
  • It's not all that daunting, usually just one(1) each for most of them and maybe two(2) or three(3) of the sign-up sheets.
  • If you don't have Adobe Reader, you can download it by clicking HERE.
  • NOTE: Print a copy of the Accident Report form to take with you to record any accident info and then submitted the online report when possible.
 Release / Waiver Forms
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