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• Be a Ride Leader •

  • Obtain the Cue Sheet/route from the Ride Coordinator.
  • Check the route prior to the ride (optional or use Google Street View).
  • Be sure that all riders have signed the Release/Sign-up sheet(s).
    • Parents MUST sign a Minor Release for children.
  • Make a count of the number of riders and make sure they have a cue sheet/map for the ride.
  • Do not try to speed up to accommodate faster riders.
  • Check on stragglers, by stopping your ride at a convenient location and re-group.
  • You must bring back, or be able to account for, all riders.

  Cue Sheets

Contact the Ride Coordinator: rides@springcityspinners.org for a cue sheet, if you volunteer to lead a ride.

• Ride Leader Forms •

The following is a list of forms required to have on hand by the ride leader. All the forms are in PDF format. It's not all that daunting, usually just one(1) each for most of them and maybe two(2) or three(3) of the sign-up sheets. If you don't have Adobe Reader, you can download it by clicking on the Adobe badge below. NOTE: Print a copy of the Accident Report form to take with you to record any accident info and then submitted the online report when possible,

  Release / Waiver Forms

  Instructions, Insurance Application and Accident Report Forms (PDF & Online)

  Membership Application

Click to download Adobe Reader

Safe riding all!

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