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• About the Spring City Spinners •

The Spring City Spinners Bicycle Club began in 1982 as a small group of bicyclists interested in riding together, sharing knowledge, and having fun. As time went on they decided to formalize the club by establishing By-laws, electing officers and a setting up regular meeting and rides.

Club meetings include: activity planning, committee reports, announcements, and a program. Programs include a variety of bicycling related topics such as: slide shows of bicycle trips, workshops on bike safety and repair and discussion of new bicycle equipment - presented by members or visitors. After the meeting, refreshments are served while informal conversation takes place.

We have members of all ages and abilities. Some are casual/recreational riders and some like to feel the wind in their face as they speed along city or country roads. Whether you are a newbie or experienced rider, you'll find rides that fit your interests.

Meetings are held throughout the year. Check the ride schedule for the most up to date information on the start location.

For more information see our Calendar or call our Hotline at (262) 60-SCSBC [(262) 607-2722].

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